How can I pray for French teenagers?

Rachel Calvert continues our “How can I pray for…?” series

•     Lockdown has hit the most fragile hardest. Pray for teenagers who have fallen seriously behind with schooling, and for those who are seeking to support them.

•     Pray for teenagers who are struggling with poor mental health, particularly in the context of Covid… that God would put the right people on their path to help and encourage them.

•     Pray for Christian teenagers, that they would be hungry for God’s Word and would grow into all that He has planned for them. Pray for them to find their place in the multi-generational family of their local churches. Pray too for specialised ministries such as the Groupes Bibliques Lycéens ( equipping teenagers to serve Christ where He has placed them.

•     Thank God that his Word is not chained! Pray for many teenagers to discover the gospel on-line. Pray for Christians such as Manu Hochet and Jean Schott who have a particular burden to reach out to a digital generation and to disciple those who spend much of their lives online.

•     Pray that God would raise up servant leaders from the current generation of French teenagers. Pray for men and women after God’s own heart (Acts 13.22), who will serve Christ with all that they possess and all that they are, both in church and in society.


Peter & Rachel Calvert

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