How can I pray for denominational leaders?

Rachel Calvert continues our “How can I pray for…?” series

Local church leadership is challenging. Denominational leadership no less so! Please pray that God would raise up godly and gifted leaders for the different church networks within France. Here are some ways you could pray specifically for the denominational leadership of Perspectives. It would be wonderful if you could lift up the members of the current leadership team by name:

·        Patrice Alcindor: President

·        Didier Fuin: regional director for the South-East

·        Patrice Niveaux: regional director for the Paris region, Western, Northern and Central France

·        Jean-Georges Gantenbein: regional director for Alsace and Eastern France

·        Guillaume Hirschy: administrative director

You can see that the regional directors have a lot of ground to cover! This situation is not ideal and makes it all the more important that they can delegate some of the load (see Stéphanie Revault’s article on pages 6-7 of the previous issue of France Mission Perspectives, available online here). Both Patrice Alcindor and Didier Fuin will be passing on the baton within the next couple of years, so please pray for God’s leading in the choice of a new president for Perspectives, and at least one new regional director.

Please pray for:

·        love for the Lord and for His people

·        a renewed vision for God’s glory in and through his church, and insight into the practical outworking of that vision

·        protection from temptation, exhaustion, and cynicism

·        trust and good communication with local church leaders

·        wisdom in difficult pastoral situations

·        good teamwork


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