How can I pray for church planters?

Rachel Calvert from the Perspectives church plant in Blois provides some pointers

Pray that we would keep the main thing the main thing
It’s all about Jesus, isn’t it? His mission, His glory, His Kingdom, His people (Colossians 1:18-20). And yet there’s a subtle temptation to make it all about us: our ministry, our creative ideas, our church, our successes, and our failures. Please pray that our hearts and minds would be captivated by the glory of Jesus.

Pray that we would practice what we preach
Sound theology and the gift of the gab are not enough (James 1:19). If our witness is to have a lasting impact, we need to be loyal and unselfish in our friendships, gentle and faithful in our family relationships, courageous and servant-hearted in our leadership. Pray for church planters who are growing in humble faith and clinging to Christ.

Pray for willingness to stick with it…
Starting a new church-planting project is exciting and can feel a little bit heroic. Two or three years down the line the glamour has usually worn off and it’s often plain hard work. Pray that church planters would persevere and know how to encourage their teams through the tough times. Sometimes it takes time to test whether a particular approach or material is really effective for outreach and discipleship. It can be tempting to chop and change too much, or to give up too soon.

… And for willingness to change tack
The other side of the coin is that church planters also need to have the discernment to see when they’re stuck in a rut. It takes courage to admit that a particular activity or ministry is simply no longer a good use of resources and to bring it to an end. It’s astonishing how quickly the tentacles of tradition get a hold, even in a church plant… Pray that church planters would be wise in helping their teams and churches navigate constant change.


Peter & Rachel Calvert

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