How can I pray for Bible College students?

Frédéric Cryan offers some ideas

This is the third article in our “How can I pray for…?”. As a first-year student at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Vaux-sur-Seine, Frédéric has the relevant experience to guide our prayers.


The student life
Hopefully, the Bible College students you’ll be praying for will be getting on well with their studies, their professors, and one another. Hopefully they’ll be living on more than a can of baked beans per meal!

Please pray that students keep on top of their studies and for good relationships with their peers and professors. There can also be other things happening outside of work and studies… It can be hard for students to keep focused when relationships get tough, if their health isn’t great,or if something has happened in their family, so do also pray that they wouldn’t be too tough on themselves.

The wonder of knowing Jesus vs empty theology
Above all, however, please pray that Bible College students wouldn’t lose the wonder of knowing Jesus. When our studies seem to be going fine, we students can get caught in our egos, start feeling on top of the world, and unfortunately, miss the point. As we can see from the example of Solomon,wisdom by itself isn’t enough. The one important thing is Jesus.

When we students aren’t feeling boastful or puffed up that can also be because we’re feeling hopeless, having lost track of why we’re here, or feeling incompetent or out of our depth… Once again, do pray that we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus! Furthermore, please pray that we keep an outward-focused mindset. May we not just be in a 24/7 Christian bubble,salt which has lost its saltiness. May we keep finding opportunities to put our faith into action!

“But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42).


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