What a time to be a teenager!

Church-planters Peter & Rachel Calvert would value your prayers for the teens in Blois

“Will there be a job for me when I leave school? What about climate change? Is it too late to make a difference? How do I cope with being stuck at home because of Covid?”

These are challenging times for young people everywhere. Being a Christian doesn’t make life any simpler. For French teenagers, being willing to identify yourself as a believer within a strongly secularist school context requires courage. But what an amazing privilege to know that God is on the throne and is working out his purposes for the universe in Jesus Christ!

Please pray for the teenagers who are part of the Blois Centre and Blois North churches, and for those on the fringes too. Several young people who don’t normally go to church came to camp with us this summer, and we long to be able to help them grow in faith and love for Jesus during the year. This morning I was chatting to one guy who came to camp with us last year. He had just dropped his little brother off at school. He believes in God, but says he finds the Bible difficult to understand… Please pray that this year, we would have opportunities to help him to grow in faith and understanding.

At her baptism recently, Anna explained that she’d been feeling God was nudging her to tell others about Him. It wasn’t easy to invite her school friends to come and hear her testimony, but in the end four of her best friends made the effort to come, along with three of their parents.

Please pray that many French teenagers would discover the joy of being part of what God is doing in the world, reconciling all of creation to Himself through Christ. Pray that they would shine like stars as they hold out the word of life (Phil. 2.15-16), using their talents and passions to demonstrate the compassionate love of God in tough times.


Peter & Rachel Calvert

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