Meet Victor

The testimony of pastoral assistant Victor Magnus

After a long period without a pastor, in 2019 the Perspectives Church in Sarrebourg engaged the services of Victor Magnus as a part-time pastoral assistant. Here’s his testimony (originally published in French in the Perspectives newsletter):

“My name is Victor Magnus, I’m married to Mireille, and we currently live in Ingwiller in Alsace.

About ten years ago, the life I’d built for myself in my own strength collapsed like a house of cards.

It’s wonderful to see Jesus at work, He does far beyond what we can think or imagine. He lifted me out of the mud, He made me His child, and He gave me a new identity of which I’m proud. He’s given me a spiritual family, brothers and sisters who surround me with their love, a wife, Mireille, whom I love and who loves me, and a vocation that I can exercise in harmony with the gifts He’s given me to be a part-time pastoral assistant at the evangelical church in Sarrebourg.

What a change! The culmination of a long process that’s developed gradually over time, supported by the family of God,the Church.

First of all came a personal call, shortly after my conversion. I still remember that day when my son, about six years old, asked me this question: “Dad, what is Easter?” I was able to tell him the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and he spontaneously replied: “But Dad, you have to tell everyone!” These words made a powerful impression on me and still resonate in my heart.

After this came plenty of mistakes and wrong turns, but God, in His love and patience, corrected and transformed my character.

Finally came the confirmation of this call by God’s family: first by our close friends, then by members of the church in Bouxwiller, who played a big role in this process, and finally by our denomination, Vision-France (known today as Perspectives), which put the finishing touches to this wonderful bouquet manifesting the exquisite scent and majestic beauty of God’s love.

The burning desire which continues to drive me is to share Christ and the power of His resurrection as widely as possible. To transmit our passion for Jesus, so that broken lives can be restored by Him. I dream of a contagious church that attracts the wounded and radiates love and compassion from God.

My wife Mireille and I are happy and grateful to aligned with God’s plan for us. Our wish is to be and to remain instruments of blessing in His divine hands.

May our God and Father always keep us passionate about Jesus Christ, aware of our limits and weaknesses, but aware above all of the power of His resurrection and the infinite greatness of His grace.”


Paul Cooke

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