The impact of a church weekend away

An update from missionaries Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan at Paris-Cardinet

At Paris-Cardinet we’ve had an encouraging start to the news chool year. We enjoyed a sunny weekend away on the theme of being a community of grace, where people with no prior experience of church can feel welcome and accepted. This is a key element in reaching Parisians with no knowledge of God, and often complicated or “messy” personal lives. They need to see the gospel in action; they need the chance to experience gospel community over a period of time, as they slowly journey towards faith. Nathan Millet, pastor ofthe Le Pré church, led three sessions, drawing on his experience at My Gospel Church (part of thePerspectives network) and a book that was foundational for their approach tochurch: No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke.

One outcome of the weekend was the impetus to start up a number of small groups. These will run on alternate weeks to the existing midweek church Bible study. We want people to have the opportunity to honestly share their struggles and actively seek to encourage one another to grow in godliness, being transformed by the gospel. Being honest with each other reminds us of our own need for grace, and we pray this will encourage a culture of grace in the church. Please pray for these groups, for building trust, for mutual encouragement and for spiritual growth.

Two men who started attending church earlier this year have been preparing for baptism, and we are planning to hold their baptism service soon. Please pray for their witness to family and friends, and that they would continue to grow in their faith. Another person has started reading the Bible with Rachel and is thinking about being baptised. We are encouraged by the arrival of new people at our morning service, including one family, and a young lady who, after two years’ absence from church, came to the weekend away.


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