The future of Loches and Descartes

An update from Perspectives pastor Greg Saldi

“What is the goal of the Church?” This is a simple question which is well answered in the New Testament. This latest situation brought on by Covid-19 has made many people (including us) ask this question. Of course, it’s a general question but also a specific one. For Loches the lack of space made us rethink how we met. We met in parks, back gardens, front gardens,and walking trails over the summer. This gave us a spirit of freedom and also of discovery. 

We’re now back in our building but are seeking a way to be creative and out of the building once a month. We understand well that there’s a double action in the New Testament: 1) God coming to us and 2) Us going out to the world. Pray with us that we take that as a literal command and not forget the action of God which propels us to go to others. 

The beginning of the autumn term is always a chaotic time here in France. Children are learning new routines and parents are figuring out how to manage school and any events that take place. For obvious reasons, this autumn term is even more chaotic! Health regulations and recommendations from the school mean in Descartes that our intergenerational goûters (events centred around games, snacks, and Jesus) can’t take place for the time being. 

As a community, we’re busy working on new ideas, praying for inspiration, but most of all trying to rest under the sovereignty of God. Our church has started meeting again in our public space. We’ve also happily welcomed a few new faces in the last few months and continue to strive toward God and seeing His Kingdom come in Descartes.


Greg Saldi

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