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Year Abroad student Bethany Pearson reports on her recent experiences

Having only started learning French during my first year of university, I knew that the third year abroad would be crucial for improving my language. I was unsure of what to do for quite some time but, after a great deal of prayer, it dawned on me that this would be a great time to spend serving God. I began searching for churches in France before stumbling upon the Perspectives church in Le Pré Saint Gervais and also France Mission’s Director, Paul Cooke, who answered many questions and put me in contact with the pastor Jonathan and his wife Rachel.

Finally feeling positive, the search for accommodation proved somewhat challenging.Rachel suggested I contact a Bible College in Nogent-Sur-Marne which had a place available for a volunteer in exchange for accommodation. And before I knew it, the French half of my year abroad was finalized! I helped out with the Sunday school at Le Pré whilst volunteering alongside 3 other people at Nogent during the week.

As a volunteer I was able to fully integrate into student life, attending classes, joining the choir, and even participating in an evangelisation week that took me to the south-west of France. My French improved more than I could have hoped but I also learned so much about myself and about the God we serve. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I was given during my five months in France, as I was able to meet an array of inspiring people both at Le Pré and at Nogent. My faith undoubtedly grew during this time and I made some lifelong friends. Overall,any fears I had for this time abroad were completely quashed. I was able to put my trust in God and now have only the best of memories.

I also have an amazing opportunity to talk about my time serving abroad with non-Christian friends and family!

(The Bible College in Nogent is again offering accommodation to volunteer students for the year 2019-20.)


Bethany Pearson

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