Perspectives on the task ahead

In addition to planting a church with husband Peter in Blois, Rachel Calvert serves on the Perspectives Council

How can we best be faithful in serving God, serving His church, and serving His world? It’s been nearly three years now since France-Mission and Vision-France joined forces to become Perspectives (, with the aim of being more effective in fulfilling the mission which God has entrusted to us. Bringing together two denominational cultures has not always been straightforward. But we are grateful to God for His help and look to Him as together we seek to write the next chapters of the story.

We long to seethe multiplication of disciples and of churches, and need to discern how, as a denomination, we can best support and envision local churches. When we began reflecting and praying about strategic priorities for the next stage of our life together, no-one was expecting a pandemic. But Covid-19 has brought into sharp relief many of the tendencies which were already present in our society and in our churches. Digital technologies are shaping our working lives, our relationships, and our churches in new ways. Inequalities within our society are being exacerbated. Artificial intelligence and biotechnologies are forcing us to ask big questions about what it means to be human. The threat of climate change and environmental degradation are contributing to a crisis of hope. These are the times in which God has called us to lift up the name of Jesus! (See John 3.14-17.)

The council and directors of Perspectives continue work on our strategic plan for the next few years. Please pray that God, in His grace, would lead us and that, as a denomination, we would enter fully into the works He has prepared for us to do (Ephesians2.8-10).


Peter & Rachel Calvert

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