Imagining a regional network in Brittany

Pastoral Assistant Stéphanie Revault shares an exciting new vision

God’s timing and planning is always so incredibly perfect! Patrice Niveaux, Perspectives’ Regional Director for central and western France, contacted me last year, asking if I’d be interested in helping him support churches in the western region. He had some projects in mind, the main goal being to develop a regional dynamic among the churches. To say I was excited about this idea would be an understatement! It felt like my family history, the direction of my own life, and my ministry experiences over the years had all brought me to this moment. Let me explain:

·        Family roots and a genuine love for the region. Sometimes God calls you to serve overseas, and then He calls you back home, which is what He did for me. Brittany is a beautiful Celtic region and I’m very attached to it. My family has been rooted here for more than four centuries. I’ve learned to love its rich, historic traditions.

·        A desire to help spread God’s light here. Learning about a region’s identity also means discovering its dark sides. For some family members in the past, this “dark side” took the form of occultism and this is what Christian members of my family pray against today. Brittany has a heavy spiritual background: druidism and its present-day revival, so-called “healers”, intense veneration of many saints, etc. But God made me understand, at an early age, that beneath this spiritual darkness lies a real and deep longing for transcendence. However, the desire is often misguided, so many people fall into the occult and can become quite hostile towards the God of the Bible. Sharing the gospel in France is no easy task, but the mission in Brittany sometimes has an extra layer of difficulties because of this subtle, yet very real, dimension of spiritual warfare. I’m thankful that the Lord allowed me to discern this, and I’ve been learning how to address it with Him in prayer.

·        Helping to foster church unity. Over the years, I’ve met many people from Protestant churches in western France.Some leaders became friends. Our discussions made me realize how often we face challenges alone here, as individuals and as churches. So, for many years now, I’ve had this dream: wouldn’t it be wonderful to create opportunities to work together as churches, thinking and training together, sharing our resources and experiences, praying more together, and so becoming a stronger voice in this region? 

So, of course, Patrice’s suggestion to me felt like a call and I accepted the offer!

Could you please pray for Brittany? And could you please pray for the work that Patrice and I plan to do? May God use us in a powerful way. May His church shine even more in this region!


Stéphanie Revault

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