Great rejoicing in Romorantin!

Church members Graham & Pauline Stevens share good news

At the start of the rentrée (new school/church year), the Perspectives church Romorantin met to celebrate two baptisms:

·        Dominique has regularly attended the church for a while and was very eager to follow the Lord’s command to him to be baptised. He is a very quiet man and we knew that this was a brave step he was taking.

·        Adrien is a member of the thriving youth group at the church and it’s been a joy to see him take initial steps of faith and then shine for the Lord.

The day had started wet and dreary but with the promise that by midday the sun would shine. By the time folk started to arrive at our home the sun was out and it was a glorious afternoon. We began the service in the shadow of the barn, with great singing led by our worship team. How the folk at Romorantin love to sing! It was a special joy to welcome folk who don’t usually attend the church (including the Mayor of our village who’d lent us tables and benches for the afternoon).

As relative newcomers to France (we’ve lived here permanently for two years now), it’s wonderful for us to see the welcome everyone gets from church members. It’s not long before people feel welcome and loved. Graham gave a straightforward message about the meaning of baptism and then Dominique and Adrien gave their testimonies. How powerful testimonies are– both men gave witness to salvation and a real relationship with the Lord.  There was great rejoicing as they were baptised in the swimming pool! To mark their baptisms both of them were given Philip Yancey’s book The Jesus I Never Knew – in French, of course! (Ce Jésus que je ne connaissais pas)

Do you know what French people do particularly well?... FOOD!After the baptism we stayed together well into the evening sharing food. It was a banquet! There was lots of happy chatter as well as deeper conversations taking place. It was good to welcome Michael & Catherine Brooks back to celebrate with us. We’re continuing to pray for them as they’ve retired from the pastorate here and are settling in Wales.

As a church we’d be very grateful for your prayers as we seek the Lord for the future ministry of the church here in the very centre of France:

·        Pray for the leadership team as they seek the future for the church.

·        Pray for the young and old in the church and all those in-between! Our youngest attendee is 9 months while the oldest is 101 years!

·        Pray for the witness to the local communities.

(And, as an aside, a prayer request from us – please pray for the expat community in this area. It’snot as popular as some parts of France but there’s quite a group of us here. Pray that they will be open to the gospel.)

Please know that if you’re ever in this beautiful part of France you’ll get a real welcome from L’Église Évangélique à Romorantin!


Pauline Stevens

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