Encouragements in Romorantin

Church members Graham & Pauline Stevens share news about one of their young people

In the March 2021 issue of France Mission Perspectives, you may remember us writing: “One of our young people, Adrien, is studying at Geneva Bible Institute and we are grateful that he is growing in his faith. (Wonder where God will lead him after he completes his studies?!)” Well, we’re now quite a lot closer to having an answer to that question!

Having finished his studies in Geneva, Adrien is hoping to spend a practical year with Foyer Évangélique Universitaire (FEU), an organisation that supports students in various French university cities. An internship with FEU involves the following kind of activities:

·        Campus evangelism

·        Discipleship for Christian students

·        Developing links with local churches and with university societies

·        Providing hospitality for students

·        Increasing campus visibility for FEU

·        Encouraging students to discover the Bible

·        Connecting students with partner churches

·        Service within a local church

·        Personal spiritual growth

Give thanks for Adrien’s desire to serve in this way and please pray for the Lord’s leading and provision.

In terms of church news, although we’re concerned that there are still some folk we haven’t seen back since lockdown, we’re praising the Lord that another three people were recently baptized here in Romorantin. Please give thanks for this new life. We’re planning an evangelistic gospel concert on Saturday 20th November with the group Essentielles (see here to find out more about their music). Please pray that lots of unconverted friends and families will come along. Thank you!


Pauline Stevens

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