Encouragements in Paris-Cardinet

Pastoral couple Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan are settling into their new church

We were very encouraged at la rentrée (the September restart) that two new people joined services at church. In particular, one man, J, came to the evening service explaining that he was looking for a local church following a spiritual experience he had at home. We’re struck that God is answering our and your prayers to remove spiritual blindness. Please pray for J to keep coming to church and to discover the truth about Jesus in the Bible. Pray also for Jonathan as he reads the Bible with him. And please pray that God would bring other seekers to church.

Since July, we’ve been holding services in church with most of the congregation present and some connected on Zoom (we don’t have enough space for everyone with the social-distancing rules). In September we had our church weekend away on the theme of prayer. It was far enough out of Paris that we could enjoy being outside without masks on! Please pray for each of us to grow in our prayer lives, both as individuals and as a community, and that we would particularly persevere in praying for our non-Christian friends, family, and neighbours. 

As for many of you, other projects have had to be put on hold. Please pray for us that, despite the constraints, we’d take every opportunity to witness to Christ and glorify Him in our lives. Please pray for inspiration for outreach at Christmas and how to make best use of the church website and social media. Pray also that we’d use this time well to train people to take on new responsibilities and that we’d all continue to grow in our faith.


Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan

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