Blois Centre: human planning, divine direction?

Missionaries Peter & Rachel Calvert are seeking the Lord’s wisdom

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

During the last school year, the Blois Centre team organised one Sunday Gathering per month in a local hotel and one in our home. The other two Sundays we were usually at the Blois North Church, or sometimes at the Perspectives churches in Vendôme or Romorantin. From September, we shifted up a gear, to two Sunday Gatherings per month at the hotel, and two in homes (in two groups). This has meant decreasing our involvement in the Blois North Church somewhat, particularly in terms of participation in the children’s ministry team.

Please pray for a smooth transition, and for energy and perseverance in the months ahead. Pray that, both through the Sunday Gatherings and through the gallery we use as abase for public contact, Jesus would be drawing people into His saving love. The needs are so great. There’s so much that could usefully be done, and our strength and time seem so limited. A group to follow through with the older kids who came on camp but aren’t currently involved in church or scouts during the year, for example? That would be wonderful,there’s lots of potential. But, at the moment, we’re just aiming at five get-togethers over the school year and keeping them simple.

We make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps. At least,we want to let Him direct our steps!I expect you can identify with the challenges of having to choose between committing to a number of good things, knowing that you can’t commit to all of them without compromising on quality and on sanity. May we all be attentive to the Holy Spirit’s wisdom as we live out the days God gives us, walking in His grace and His strength.


Peter & Rachel Calvert

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