Become a trustee for France Mission!

Trustee Bob Crockford invites you to consider this vital role

Being a trustee for any charity is a hugely worthwhile and rewarding experience. In the five years I’ve been a trustee (and latterly Vice-Chair)for France Mission, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity of helping FM continue doing a great job in sharing information,stimulating prayer, and gathering resources for ministries and churches in France.  

The work of trustees covers many areas and some trustees can“take the lead” in certain areas as not everyone can know everything.  Generally, trustees are there to see that things are being done as they should so that FM can do the best job it can of supporting the church in France. Some activities are the “nuts and bolts”involved in running any organisation: finances, communications, etc., but a lot of the time concerns support for the people working in France. As our current Chair, Colin Judkins, will be retiring from the trustees in September, we’d love to have another couple of people to join us.

If you’d like to know more about what’s involved, the following questions and answers may help…

What do trustees do?
Trustees are the people responsible for ensuring that a charity has a clear strategy, that it remains true to its original vision, and that it complies with all necessary rules and regulations.

What questions should I ask myself first?
Do I have a passion for the aims and vision of the charity? What skills and experience do I have to offer? Have I got the time and energy that the role may require?

What initial information could I look at?
Have a good look at FM’s website and please feel free to ask any questions that arise. The Charity Commission produces a “Trustee welcome pack” as a useful introduction to the role.

How much time does it take?
In FM, trustees give from 0-3 hours in any given week, depending on what issues arise. Most discussions take place via email. Then there would be the trustee meetings once or twice a year and maybe some Skype calls in between.

Would there be any induction or training?
Yes, we would support you throughout and offer you an online trustee training course that provides a very good grounding in what it means to be a trustee.

Would I have any personal liability for my decisions?
FM is set up as a legal entity in its own right (a “CIO”) and therefore that entity bears the legal liabilities and has its own insurances, both as a CIO and for its trustees. We always seek professional advice where necessary.

Are trustees paid?
Generally, no, this is a voluntary position. However, any expenses incurred in the carrying out of your duties, such as travel costs, would be reimbursed.

What would be my main responsibilities?
This might depend on your specific gifts but, in general, you’d be involved in decision-making over such things as vision, strategy, funding, communications,and personnel. The implementation of those decisions rests with Paul Cooke,FM’s UK Director.

I’m interested; what should I do next?
Please contact any of the trustees to arrange for an informal discussion about next steps. We’d love to chat and pray with you about this opportunity!

We trust this provides a good overview of what it means to be a trustee for France Mission. Of course,we hope you’d contribute with your prayers, inspiration, and passion for France as well!  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss further.


Bob Crockford

for further information