Art, Science, and Wonder

Missionaries Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan share creative ideas from Paris-Cardinet

In January, Paris-Cardinet church hosted an art exhibition by Marie Salomé Le Guehennec ( called Voyages Intérieurs (Journeys Inside). Having studied biochemistry, Marie Salomé’s art is inspired by science and aims to generate a sense of wonder at the created world, pointing people to our awesome Creator. At the opening evening, Rachel gave a short talk about some of the routine, yet incredible, processes performed within each of our 10 trillion cells. A good number of visitors came to the exhibition, including non-Christian friends of church members and a few local passers-by, and we had some good discussions. Marie Salomé led an art workshop one afternoon, giving both children and adults the opportunity to create their own painting inspired by science magazines or onion skin seen down a microscope. Please do pray for people to seek answers to the questions raised and to discover our amazing creator God.

In February, we started a Sunday-evening series on “Values” using a pack created by church planters Yan and Sarah Zborowska near Amiens, in association with Majestart (a group of Christian artists). This evangelistic resource is designed to be used with groups of Christians and non-Christians, using different tools to encourage discussion and reflection on a theme (e.g., love, trust, forgiveness) and looking at a related Bible passage. We are running this series monthly during the evening services and hope that some of our small groups might try it later in the year. Please pray for non-Christians to come and for good discussions.

Rachel’s sister is running a pilot English version of this course. If you’re interested in finding out more, please do contact us.


Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan

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