A year of change at Le Pré and Paris-Cardinet (2)

Missionaries Dave & Mary Brown share exciting news

As you may know, for several years we’ve been praying and searching for a pastor or pastoral couple to continue the work here at Paris-Cardinet. After a number of setbacks and disappointments, we’re finally seeing an answer to our prayers. The prospect of Nathan Millet’s arrival at Le Pré Saint-Gervais led to discussions with Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan about a possible move to Paris-Cardinet. As we prayed about this, the proposal was gradually confirmed by the Vaughans, our church council, and a vote by the church members.

Jonathan & Rachel know the challenges of gospel work in the Paris area, particularly the high turnover of the congregation. They share our convictions about the importance of good Bible teaching and the need for creativity in reaching people who have not yet heard the gospel. The alternative-style meetings they’ve run in Le Pré (café church, contemplative evenings) have much in common with our evening services. We’re pleased to have found a couple who are keen to use their gifts in both services, with their different styles.

Since the start of term, the Vaughans have been involved on Sunday evenings. After Christmas, they will be more available to take part in the morning service as well, and David will hand over to Jonathan by the end of the school year. We’re waiting to see what opportunities God provides for us to serve in another church, probably in the Paris area.

Please pray for smooth handovers in Le Pré and Paris-Cardinet churches, and for all of us as we start a new chapter of our lives.


Dave & Mary Brown

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