A year of change at Le Pré and Paris-Cardinet (1)

Missionaries Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan share exciting news

This coming year will involve some big changes for us, and for the church. In September we were pleased to welcome Nathan & Naomi Millet and their children into our congregation.Nathan and Naomi have been involved in a project called MyGospelChurch, a Perspectives church in central Paris based on gospel music (www.mygospel.church). At the same time, Nathan has been training for ministry, and is now ready to begin working for a church as trainee pastor. After discussions with the Perspectives leadership, it was agreed that Le Pré would be a good place for Nathan to start.

The plan is for Jonathan to work with Nathan until Christmas, as Nathan gets to know the church members and gains experience of the different aspects of pastoral ministry. From January onwards, Nathan will gradually take on more responsibilities, so that, God willing, the handover will be complete by the end of the school year in June 2020.

We’re very grateful to God for preparing and leading Nathan& Naomi to continue the gospel ministry in this town. Nathan is a capable Bible teacher, grew up in Parisian suburbs similar to Le Pré, and shares our vision of making church friendly for outsiders, whilst building up the congregation through Word ministry. He and Naomi are both musical (Nathan plays piano, Naomi sings) and are keen to invest time in the gospel choir which we’ve been leading (now ten years old!) as a means of reaching people with the good news of Jesus.

We’d value your prayers for the Millets and for a smooth transition this year. It won't be easy saying goodbye to the church in Le Pré, having been part of it for 18 years (since our arrival in France). But we’re learning to trust God for the future and are excited about the new challenges that lie ahead (see next article!).


Jonathan & Rachel Vaughan

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