A new lead pastor for Loches

Greg Saldi, pastor of the Loches plant in Descartes, shares encouraging news

Greetings from Loches and the Sud Touraine!

September means the rentrée here in France. Vacations come to a close, businesses reopen, school starts again, clubs and sports recommence, life gets back to its normal rhythm, and new events launch. This includes church life!

So how has the church in Loches gotten back to normal or launched something new? This September we welcome a new lead pastor, Michel Pinto. Michel comes to the church from the Perspectives church of Blois North and will be pastoring two churches, our church in Loches and the Perspectives church in Vendôme.

This year the goal is a simple one: live for God, knowing that He will bless us as the giver of good things. We’re blessed to have Michel as the leader of the project, and we feel it’s God’s will to bring him to us. Michel will lead the team in Loches and work alongside me as pastor of our second site in Descartes. Michel has worked in France for quite a while, is married to Sara and they have one child, Laura. Pray along with us for Michel, his family, and our church here in Loches.

We continue to live with and through the Covid pandemic. Churches are allowed to meet as long as everyone not leading is masked. There is no capacity cap at the service and vaccination passes are not required. While the normal would be optimal, it’s a blessing that we’re able to continue to meet and we hope to be there in this uncertain time for people who are looking for certain responses.

We thank you, with all of our hearts, for the blessing you are to us. We thank you for your prayers and generous giving toward our church.

Loches P.S. (from Paul Cooke)

I echo Greg’s thanks at the end of this article, because the generosity of France Mission supporters has made it possible to support Michel and his family during this period of transition. Here’s some additional news I recently received from a member of the church in Loches:

“We’ve moved to a Saturday evening service at 5.30pm in Loches so that Michel can be with us on Saturdays and in Vendôme on Sundays. This is a wonderful provision for the church in Loches and by moving the services to a Saturday we’re also hoping that will provide opportunities to organise events before/after the services. We’re excited to see how the Lord will lead us to reach the locals. The town of Loches is empty on a Sunday morning whereas last Saturday there were a lot of passers-by looking into our building probably intrigued as to what was going on inside!”


Greg Saldi

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