A new chapter for the Vaux-sur-Seine seminary

Staff member Mike James shares about the FLTE’s new project

Located in Vaux-sur-Seine (40km north-west of Paris), the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology (FLTE) has been offering high-level training to evangelists, Bible teachers, and missionaries since 1965. To continue fulfilling its vision well into the 21st century, the FLTE has embarked on an important programme of renovation.

Theological training: a necessity in France

Since 1950, the number of evangelicals has increased nine-fold in our country and, somewhere in France, a new evangelical church is opening every ten days. If evangelical church leaders are to offer solid teaching, they need appropriate training. In France, there are only five centres offering such training – one of which is the FLTE. The training we offer also has a major impact in other French-speaking countries, notably in Africa.

The FLTE: responding to needs in France

We offer high level training for Christian ministry. Every year, 80 students come to Vaux to follow courses at undergraduate and at Masters level. To meet the needs of our students, we also offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, an e-learning programme, distance-learning options, and summer schools. The seminary’s leadership team reviews teaching methods annually to ensure we're responding to student need. As well as teaching our academic staff are engaged in theological research and welcome researchers from all over the French-speaking world.

Improving infrastructure: an essential priority

In order to meet its goals, the FLTE has set up an ambitious development plan including the renovation of on-site residential accommodation and building a new library so that students and researchers can have improved working conditions. These improvements represent a very significant cost for us in Vaux, so we’ve also launched a major fundraising programme to help us complete the necessary work in good time. If you’d be interested in donating to the work, Paul Cooke will be pleased to pass on any gifts (paulcooke@france-mission.org). Thank you in advance for praying for all that we do in Vaux!


Mike James

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